Protecting America’s Land and Rivers

05 Jun

The other night Randy asked me if I wanted to ride to Yankton, South Dakota, with him.  “Sure,” I replied, knowing there was a good chance I would get to visit my sister and her family who live in Bellevue, Nebraska–right on the way!

About five hours into the eight hour journey I mused, “Why does Yankton, South Dakota, sound so familiar?” Oh, yeah. Gavin’s Point – where the flood of 2011 began.

 Upper view of the dam–Lewis and Clark Lake…

Restored, verdant and not as big as I had expected…

 Recreation ready!

Certainly calmer and lower today than just a year ago!

The bluffs are beautiful!

A “reminder” of the flood of 2011…

The spillway is very small!

Lewis and Clark Lake…

A fun place to camp!!

I’m not sure the pine trees were lost because of the flood–or like many pines around here, extreme weather conditions…

Wonder if those are catfish or pallid sturgeon jumping and waving to us??

This is the view along I29 in Nebraska.

A view of the park and campground at Bellevue, Nebraska.

 This was my third visit to Bellevue since I29 reopened.  It’s good to see grass growing in the park again!

Farmers are reclaiming their fields. Construction is ongoing on I29 with miles of 2-lane traffic.

 “Sandlot” has new meaning!

Valuable farm land covered by sand…

Since the “Flood of ’93”, we are more sensitive to these farmer’s plight…and we narrowly escaped the same situation last year. Sadly, our neighbors to the west along Missouri highway 65 experienced the loss of homes and crops.

“Ol’ man river,
That ol’ man river,
He don’t say nothin’
but he must know somethin’
Cause he just keeps rollin’
He keeps rollin’ along.

 Rollin’ along.
(Ol’ Man River, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II)

Man contributed to the flood of 2011. Unfortunately, we don’t always make the best of decisions or look at the entire picture when an opportunity presents itself. We are thankful for the land and rivers God has given us and we want to strive to protect them for our generation and the generations after us. Will you please link arms with us and take a stand against the polluting of land and rivers? We need your help today!


Help us tell the Corps of Engineers “No more dumping!” in the Missouri River – CLICK HERE to learn more!

**Please attend the hearing of the Clean Water Commission and the Corps of Engineers on June 11th at 9am at the  

DNR Lewis & Clark Building,  

1101 Riverside Drive, Jefferson City**


Also send your written support for Alternative 3 

before June 30th to:  

Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources 

P.O Box 176    

Jefferson City, MO 65102  


 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Kansas City District

700 Federal Bldg, 601E. 12th St

  Kansas City, MO 64106

For more information contact Shelby Davis: 573-635-3819



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