The feel, look and smell of a skein of yarn reminds me of our days of raising and showing sheep at 4-H and FFA shows. As a “city-girl”I learned right along with our children about the care of livestock. When I smell the lanolin in a skein of merino wool, I can feel the sheep and hear the bleating of our flock when they greeted us at feeding time. A visit to a yarn store for me is like Bass Pro is to my husband, sons and grandsons.

When my friend, Bernetta, began knitting prayer shawls for cancer patients while her own husband was undergoing chemotherapy and surgeries, it didn’t take much to convince me to join her (or did I convince her to let me join her??) Crocheting was easier at first but both us turned to friend, Anneliese, whose expertise is amazing, and soon we were knitting prayer shawls!

Six years and four more friends later, we’ve made MANY prayer shawls, 65 preemie hats for a hospital, hats for cancer patients and victims of the Joplin tornado, three blankets for homeless in St. Louis and 70 blocks for Grannies in Africa to make sweaters and afghans for children. We call ourselves “Caring Crafters” (you don’t have to knit—just craft) and meet monthly to share ideas and tips, visit yarn stores and encourage one another.

Writer Melanie Latamondeer wrote a very kind article for the Chariton Valley News Press about our group. In closing she said, “As the skeins of yarn unravel and more baby hats and prayer shawls form, the group of women will continue to donate their work to organizations in need.  They will continue to gather once a month with knitting as their focus, but the care and love that goes into each purl and stitch will carry a power to the recipients that can’t be seen.  That power gives the Caring Crafters the desire to continue.”

And that’s why I love these sisters and knitting!

Hats for the December preemie babies…

Know someone who would be blessed by a hand-crafted gift? Are you interested in joining Caring Crafters or would you like to donate some yarn or supplies to help further the mission?

Please contact Karla at




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